A trusted ally. 

Whether in good times or bad, through success and challenge, good counsel from a trusted ally can make all of the difference. 

At MAW LAW, we are committed to be at your side to help you succeed and overcome your challenges.  

Our lawyers specialize in areas of law that touch everyday lives.  We excel in helping you with decisions for your home, your family, your business and your community. 

Allow us the opportunity to become your trusted ally. 


We have experience in transactions, litigation, landlord/tenant and title matters.


We can help you in your purchase, sale or ongoing management of your home and property. 


We can help you protect yourself and your family at any and every step of the way. 

We offer help with pre and post nuptial agreements, estate planning, as well as  in separation and divorce. 


Our experience in representing businesses can be a valuable tool to yours. 

We can help your business conquer both internal and external challenges. 


We believe in helping and contributing to all communities. 

We have a multi-cultural and multi-lingual staff, and volunteer throughout Massachusetts to provide education to all communities.  


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