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Buying or selling real estate is always a big deal, whether you are a first time homebuyer or even a seasoned investor. 

Our role as your attorney is to help you achieve your objective, whatever it may be, and from whatever place you are coming from. 


We know that buying real estate is an both exciting and sometimes stressful process. Having good and attentive counsel will give you more control over that process. For a purchase, our role will be to counsel you, based both on our experience as well as our acquisition of as much information as possible about the property you are purchasing. We’re going to look into the property history in searching both the title and municipal records, as well as its fitness for your desired purpose. We’ll do our best to make sure you make informed decisions every step of the way, negotiate favorable terms and manage the purchase process from beginning to end. 


People sell homes for different reasons and with different goals. We have extensive experience with most scenarios. The key for us is to make sure that you are in control. As your attorney for the sale of your real estate, we’ll work hard to negotiate the best terms for your sale with your specific objectives and needs in mind. We’ll work with you throughout the process, and hold all participants in the transaction accountable to complete the sale in a smooth and timely manner. 

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